Why Every Business Needs a Blog

No matter what you work in, if you have a business you should have an online presence. If you have an online presence you should definitely have a blog. Blogs are where you can put together your thoughts, opinions, and shape the world around you. There are plenty of reasons why you should reach out and interact with your world this way. There are four coming up, but first of all you should know that it’s not difficult. A lot of people struggle with the idea of having and running a blog. It’s not that difficult. If you can type out a few paragraphs of information at a reasonable rate (say, once a week) you can start bringing in the benefits that a blog will produce. If you need to you can get someone to help you proof read it before you send it live. Otherwise, it’s a very simple thing to do.

Promote Brand Interaction

Keep In Touch With Clients And Customer

Keep In Touch With Clients And Customer

The first thing that a blog does is give people a chance to interact with your brand. This means that you’re going to be offering them a way to get to know you and your products and services outside of the traditional sense. If you’re a dog walking company, you can write your blog posts about anything dog related so long as it supports your brand. You can talk about the all natural, biodegradable corn-silk made plastic baggies that you use to pick up waste on your walks and it will fit with your branding. You can include guides on healthy treats for your dog and it will still fit with your brand. You need to associate a lot of good things with yourself, and that’s how a blog can help.

Makes You a Trusted Source of Information

Make Sure Your Blog Addresses Your Customer's Questions

Make Sure Your Blog Addresses Your Customer’s Questions

You want people to think of you when they need to know something. You should have people who go to your blog to find answers to how to train their puppy, to use the same metaphor again. You want people think of you as experts in your field. It increases the word of mouth traffic you’re going to get, and increases the rates at which you’ll be getting and retaining clients. If you’re not just a dog walker, but the best, most knowledgeable expert dog walkers you have a much better chance to get a little cash out of this.

More Chance of Attracting Business to Your Site

A lot of places have websites that you can only find if you’re looking for them. That’s great, but you also want to bring in traffic who didn’t even know that you’re there. If you offer up an all-natural, grain free dog biscuit recipe on your blog you can get traffic who never thought they needed a dog walker, but did need a dog biscuit recipe to give to their dog who has a gluten allergy. Then they see your business, they know that you’re responsible, and they start thinking that maybe they do need a dog walker after all.

Encourages You to Learn about Your Business

Learn More About Your Business

Learn More About Your Business

The other great thing about this blog idea is that it forces you to keep up with your business. You have to know what’s been developed out there in the world.