Making Your Own Baby Food to Save Money

Babies cost a ton of money, everyone knows this. Studies say that you can spend anywhere from $10,000-$20,000 a year just to keep the necessities up. Granted, there are probably some baby books and toys in there, too. But if you want to try to keep the costs down where you can you can enjoy spending the money on family vacations later on or even just make sure that you stay afloat. If you get into canning, you can always preserve baby food and make it in larger batches so that you won’t have to spend quite so much time doing it. While you’re young you may not want to spend time doing things that save you a bit of money, but now that you’re a parent there’s very little choice in the matter. You know what the best route to go is. Go Here For Wholesome Baby Food Receipts


Avocados Is One Of The Best Foods To Feed Your Baby

Avocados Are One Of The Best Foods To Feed Your Baby

This one is one of the easiest foods to make for your baby. It’s already creamy and soft, so just squish it up into a container and feed to baby. Many babies love this as well as bananas, so keep both on hand. Of course, avocados need a few days to ripen, so make sure you wait before you peel them open.


Start Making Safe, Tasty And Healthy Baby Food

Start Making Safe, Tasty And Healthy Baby Food

You can buy winter squash like butternut or acorn and save them for a very, very long time. We’re talking months here. Granted, you’ve got to wait until the baby is about four months old before you start steaming this stuff. Steaming is the best way to keep all of the nutrients in it. Put your squash into a water bath in the oven. This way you steam the whole thing and your baby doesn’t end up with hard chunks that they can’t eat. Cut the squash in half and lay it face side down after you scoop out any innards. It should be in a pan of one to two inches of water. Then turn your oven on to about 400 degrees and let it go until the skin is puckered and the insides are soft.


Everyone seems to love or hate peas, but your baby will probably enjoy them considering it’s one of the most popular baby foods. To get your little one some peas on the table, first you want to steam or boil them. Like we mentioned, steaming is the superior method when you want to keep all of those vitamins in. After baby has turned six months old, you can smash up these peas and feed them to the child. Of course, if your baby isn’t used to textures yet (i.e. they only eat avocado and bananas) then you may want to push the pureed or mashed peas through a strainer. That will keep them velvety while removing the tougher skins from the equation.

Spice It Up

Add Spices To Your Baby's Food... Healthy Does Not Mean Boring

Add Spices To Your Baby’s Food… Healthy Does Not Mean Boring

Everyone seems to recommend that baby’s first foods are bland. Bland does not mean better, people. Sure, they mean less stomach upset, but if your baby is doing fine with food and you haven’t spotted any allergic reactions then go ahead and sneak some spice into their baby food. After you do wait four days and if all’s well then you’re good to go for spicing things up. Common spices that you can add to your pureed foods are vanilla, basil, garlic, rosemary, cinnamon, ginger, mint, and so on. Adding spices into your baby’s diet can expand their little palette and make them non-picky eaters later on in life. That helps them adjust to the family’s food, too.