How to Avoid Conflict Over Different Interests

1-Conflict-photoWhen you have different hobbies than your significant other, it can be hard to find ways to spend time with one another. When you enjoy things that your partner takes no interest in, it can be hurtful and it can feel like you are being ignored. However, a small difference in interests should not be what ends your relationship. Here are a few ways that can help you spend more time with your SO and maybe even get to know them a little better.

Show Interest

Even if your partner’s hobby is something that does not interest you in the slightest, it is important to be willing to learn what all the fuss is about. Trying out a new thing might actually be fun, and it shows that you are willing to make sacrifices for your partner, which is touching. With any luck, your partner will do the same, and you will be able to spend a little more time together. Even if you end up hating your SO’s hobby, at least you made an effort to try it out, which means a lot. The largest online dating site like this this review from BDSG answers the question of is a scam or for real.

Meet them Half Way

When you aren’t so keen on their hobby, it might be a good idea to express your want to spend more time with them, and a compromise can be reached. If you both take time away from your ordinary activities each week to spend some quality date time with one another, your relationships can improve immensely. You could make dinner for one another, go on a mini road trip, or even just take a moonlit walk together. This will bring you closer and rekindle the spark of your relationship.

Find Something You Both Like

2-interests-downloadIf you want to find another way to get closer to your partner, it may be a good idea to try out new activities and find a hobby you both enjoy and can do together. This can be anything from reading to each other each night to building models to video games. As long as you both enjoy doing the activity, it can be a great way to get closer together and have some fun as a couple. The long time leading site adult friend finder that is reviewed fully by the HOG team shows if it’s real or just a scam. You can have your own things to do as well as a hobby that you both share. It is very fun to be able to share an interest with someone who is close to you, so if none of your interests naturally line up then find something.

Never Make Them Give It Up

As long as the hobby they have is healthy and not an addiction do not try and make them choose between you and their preferred entertainment. You can always talk to them and express what you are feeling, but never throw out an ultimatum and expect to be the one that they choose. Hopefully they will listen to your feelings and you will be able to work out an agreement on how much time they should spend engaged in that activity and how much time they might spend with you.

Addiction vs. Hobby

3-addictionIf your significant other has become addicted to any substance or activity, then it may not be a simple matter of just fining something else that you can both relate to; it might be a matter of your significant other needing help. If they refuse to listen to your concerns or ignore you, then it might end up being a better choice for you to leave an unhealthy relationship than to stick around and be sad. This guide to cheating on your wife and the detailed tactics here show how to cheat and not get caught doing it, as a hobby. Hopefully, you leaving will bring your partner back to their senses and they will seek professional help. Please remember that enthusiasm and enjoyment are different things than addiction. Addiction is that they cannot be happy when they are not doing this activity of using this substance. If your SO is addicted, then do your best to get them to seek help.

If you and your partner have recently done the horizontal tango, congratulations on taking the next step in your relationship. During the honeymoon period, everything seems perfect, even in the bedroom. However, you may soon find that you want something more in the bedroom, whether it’s to explore some new kink, a new position, or maybe you just want a change in your partner’s lovemaking style. How should you tell your partner this? If the both of you have just started to know each other intimately, it is a lot easier to tell your partner what you like and do not like. But what about those of you who have been married for years? How should you tell your partner that you want more in the bedroom without upsetting or offending them? We have a few tips. The SDC swingers site as per this in-depth test of the website says that scamming is not something you find here.

Say It Carefully

Communication is definitely an important part of any relationship, all the more so in the bedroom. You should talk about your likes and dislikes in the bedroom before the both of you actually proceed, but that is unlikely to happen. One thing to take note of is that no lover likes to hear the words “I hate it when you do that,” in the bedroom, especially if the both of you have been partners for a long time and they’ve been doing that to you for years. It will destroy their self-esteem as a lover, in addition to hurting your relationship, as they realize you have not been enjoying yourself in bed as much as you have claimed over the years. If you are just starting out, you may say something like that, but you still run the risk of offending them. A good blog about sex like this bdsm blog for dating shares tips for staying alive. Of course, we are not saying you should keep quiet and suffer in silence. What you should do is phrase it in a different way. Instead of saying “I hate it when you do that,” focus on what you want instead. Make it a positive request instead, for instance, something like “I’ll love it if you do this.” This allows you to get what you want as your lover will definitely want to please you, and making a positive request prevents hurt feelings on both parties.

Ask to Fulfil a Fantasy

Another fun way to tell your partner you want something more in the bedroom is to couch it in the form of a fantasy. If you have a kink that you want to try, or you just prefer to try another position or love-making style, just pretend that it’s a fantasy of yours. Pretending should not be difficult, seeing that you do like what you’re suggesting.

Turn your sexual requests into a fantasy fulfilment wish to make it easier for you to give instructions to your partner. This also prevents them from feeling like amateurs, and it allows you to take charge in the bedroom. As long as the experience is positive, they’ll remember your suggestions and try again in the future.

Use Positive Reinforcement

4-aid1533381-728px-Understand-Positive-Reinforcement-Step-8Bullet2One of the better ways to get what you want in the bedroom is through positive reinforcement. Instead of bluntly telling your partner what you like and don’t like, tell them through the pleasure tones of your voice. When they do something you like, be more enthusiastic about responding so they know they’re doing great.

First dates are always nerve-wrecking no matter how many of those you have been on. Even second and third dates cause pre-date jitters for some of you. That is perfectly normal, as the both of you are still in that awkward stage of getting to know one another, and the both of you are asking a lot of questions to learn more about the other party. However, there are some questions you should not ask directly on the first date, or even on the second and third. Women can be guarded and getting them answer the questions you have is sometimes near impossible, especially if you don’t offer them any real information in return. Ask a wrong question and you’ll find yourself losing all the progress you have made so far, which is obviously something you don’t want. As such, we have some tips to help you sous out the answers to your questions, in a way that doesn’t cause her to throw her drink in your face when she leaves.

Remember that your goal is to get to know her, not to push her away, thus you need to know the right way to ask questions so you can know the real her, and decide if she’s the one for you.

What Were Her past Relationships Like

This is the one thing most men want to know, and what most women refuse to tell. If you can get her to talk about whether her last relationship was ended by her or an ex, it’ll give you a basis to start forming carefully-worded questions around. The key is for you to not dig for information. Instead, you should ask casual questions. For instance, if she talks about something that annoys her, you can ask her if that was a contributing factor in the breakup. When it comes to questions regarding her past relationships, you have to work any questions you might have into conversations so that she doesn’t realize that you’re interrogating her about her dating life.

What Does She Do for a Living

Just like how you don’t want women grilling you about what you do for a living or how much money you earn, women don’t want to be grilled about their jobs, working hours and salaries. You can ask her what she does for a living and whether or not she enjoys it, but it is best for you to let the topic come out naturally during the conversation then for you to ask it straight off the bat. It makes you sound tactless. If the conversation progresses through your date, then her career will undoubtedly crop up again, so no worries. Maybe she’ll mention a hard day at work on her second or third date and you’ll have the opportunity to get her to elaborate about her job.

If she has a career that defies your expectations or one you don’t have much experience with, don’t judge her for it! If she doesn’t seem to be comfortable talking about it after mentioning it once, don’t push the topic because if you do, she’s not going to want to talk to you for much longer. You aren’t going to find out what’s her favorite color at this rate, let alone information to decide if she’s suitable for you.

To play it safe, don’t ask about how much she earns either. That’s a sore spot for anyone at some point or another, and you don’t want to push her away with overly invasive questions.

What Does She Want from This Relationship

This is something you have to know to make sure the both of you are on the same page, and you’ll have to discuss this with her eventually. However, you don’t have to make it sound like you’re interrogating her about her future with you. Just like with her relationship history, opportunities about this are going to pop out in casual conversation as well. Take advantage of them!