5 Reasons Not to Spy on Your Boyfriend

1-spyMen and women both can be deceitful people who hide things and lie to get their own way. You see this happen in relationships all over the world all the time. It doesn’t give you much faith in relationships, does it? It’s a sad truth but most people assume that their significant others are lying about something or they’re waiting for the day when they do feel suspicious. This might be the case, but it’s extremely important not to snoop on your boyfriend until you have hard evidence of infidelity.

You’re Showing Him You Have Trust Issues

Think about why exactly you’re spying on him. Do you have a good reason or are you just being preemptive about any suspicions you may have down the road? You’re basically waving a huge red flag around that says you can’t trust anyone if you’re doing the latter. Your trust issues are your own problem and not his so learn to deal. If he finds out, you look like a crazy person who has glaring trust issues and he probably won’t exactly jump for joy at this prospect. A boyfriend who is a saint might understand your problems, but most will want to run for the hills and why wouldn’t they? You’ve basically shown him that you won’t trust anything he ever does if you’re snooping on him for no reason now. Want to learn all about cougars you can check out this somewhat dated blog from cougar-dating-guide.com for articles and tips for success.

You’re Being Unnecessarily Suspicious

In the case that you don’t have any real reason to be suspicious, think about how you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. You can argue that it’s okay to look into a spouse or lover that you DO have some substantial evidence of them cheating, but why are you doing this to someone whom you can trust so far? This unnecessary suspicion needs to stop if you’re already engaged in this behavior. If you aren’t, don’t start. You have no reason to spy on this person who has been nothing but good to you. Why would you put yourself at risk of being caught? In the case you do get caught, you’re the one who looks bad in the situation, not him.

You Have Control Issues if You Can’t Let it Go

Spying isn’t also something that is wholly attributed to suspicion of lying, either. One of the reasons that abusive husbands stalk their wives is to make sure that they control every aspect of their day and assert a certain power over her by watching every move she makes. By spying on a boyfriend who hasn’t done anything to you, you’re exhibiting the same kind of controlling powers that these same abusive spouses do. Everyone deserves some privacy, including him. There have always been married women that are easy marks for no strings attached sex so try dating married chicks. Think about how you would feel if he did the same thing to you and you found out. Wouldn’t you be furious or upset that he couldn’t trust you? He likely would feel the same ways if he found out you were snooping on him.

You Aren’t Giving Him a Chance

Usually the sneaking and spying starts after you get a suspicious vibe from him. Doing any snooping around or going through his phone without a reason means you are literally assuming that he will lie to you from the very beginning of your relationship. You’ve set him up to fail before you’ve even given him a chance TO fail. If this is the case, why even have a boyfriend in the first place if you’re going to go into a relationship assuming the worst in him? If you do feel like you have a reason to be suspicious, talk to someone else about it before jumping on the snooping bandwagon.

You Can Damage His Own Trust

In the event that he finds out, you can completely ruin his trust and faith in other women. Think about it in a way that could apply to you yourself. If you have a boyfriend that cheats on you this can cause trust issues to form because you’re been wronged. If you assume that he is cheating and spy on and stalk him, you’re setting a dangerous precedent for his own future relationships. He isn’t the one that is untrustworthy anymore, YOU are. If you break up, it’s quite possible that he will start this cycle over again, assuming that the next girl he finds will just do the same thing you did. Is it clear how this can be extremely harmful for both you and your guy?

More relationships than you think go south because one or both members don’t give oral. If you feel your own relationship being crippled by the same thing, don’t blame yourself. There are a lot of women who don’t ever give head, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be swayed. It’s all a matter of not being too pushy, using tactics to motivate her, and understanding why she might not be into the idea. Follow these easy steps, and you’re sure to have her sucking you off before the end of the week.

Why She Doesn’t Want To

2-stalkThe idea of going down on a guy has a terrible connotation for most women. Either they’ve had a bad experience in the past, or they’ve heard horror stories from their friends. Not all guys are going to try and force a woman into giving head, but sadly too many of them will. Really, getting laid requires work but more specifically you need to know how to create good profile pics to succeed immensely online. You have to see it from her perspective. Allowing herself down there gives you free reign to do whatever you want. You could choke her with it, or make her keep going if she wants to stop. On top of that, some women just don’t like the taste. After all, it’s not the best thing ever, and a lot of men won’t warn women before coming so they can pull back. There are a lot of factors, almost all of them revolving around rude guys, that contribute to women not being into oral.

Going First

As a way of establishing trust, go down on her first. This seems like an archaic way of getting her to trust you, but it works. Allowing yourself to be submissive to her before asking her to submit to you can change things around for you in the bedroom. Be sure to take your time with her, too. Don’t make it obvious that you’re just going down on her so she’ll do the same for you, because she’ll know. Women are keen to when men are just trying to please them. No matter if you hate it, act like it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted. Go crazy on her, and leave her shaking. If the taste is an issue for you, just breathe through your mouth. She won’t notice. In fact, the whole mouth-breathing thing will just make it sound like you’re even more into it. After showing her the time of her life, ask her (politely) for the same thing. The getiton dating site shared in this hookup review of the website says that it cannot be a scam.

Taste Test

If the taste is what’s bothering her, then you should skate around it however you can. This can be fixed by eating a lot of fruit, if you just want to change how your cum tastes. This makes it sweeter and easier for her to ingest. At any rate, avoid garlic and onions at all costs. If you want to take it a step further, invest in some flavored lube. This way she can choose what flavor she’d like to taste on you, and it’ll make going down on you much more bearable. Some of these lubes even have a numbing gel that makes it easier for her to go without choking. As a last resort, bring dessert to your bedroom. Let her pick some of her favorite dessert toppings, and go crazy on your crotch. Having honey, whipped cream, chocolate, and whatever else tickles her fancy can make sucking you off a real treat for her.

Be Patient

3-spy2Take your time with her. If going down on you makes her nervous, you’re not going to help things by rushing her along. In fact, you’re gearing up to make her terrified of it. What you need to do is let her go slow. Ask her nicely to go down on you, and when she does, you just let her do whatever she wants. Some women choke easier than others, so if she just wants to lick up the shaft and suck on the head, let her. Compliment her and tell her how good she’s doing. It might seem hokey to you, but it means a lot to her, and helps her gain confidence. A confident woman is what you want when you’re getting head, because this way she’ll go all out and give you the blowjob you’ve been working for this whole time.

Some women love to make their men jealous. Sometimes a woman will make her man jealous because she simply thinks it’s amusing. Other times she may feel neglected and unwanted, so she tries to make him jealous in order to find out if he still cares about her enough to be worried that someone else may steal her away. While you may think your man being jealous over you is flattering, the truth is that every time you purposefully make him jealous it ends up putting a huge strain on your relationship.

He Hates When You Play Games

Men hate when women play games just as much as women hate when men play them. While he may not recognize when you first start purposefully making him jealous, eventually he will begin to catch on. Once he understands that you are purposefully trying to make him jealous, he will start to question whether or not you think his feelings are something that you enjoy playing with. If that happens, it will quickly lead to disaster.

Once a man thinks you are playing with his feelings, his initial response is to get even. You may not have any intention at all to actually go through with the thing that is making him jealous (say flirting with an old flame, for example), but he may end up so furious that you are purposefully trying to hurt him that he might try to pay you back. Unfortunately, many times when a man is attempting to teach you a lesson, he can lose himself in the moment and end up doing something that he later regrets. He may even try to blame what he did on you because of what you were doing to make him jealous.

If you want to avoid this type of situation, don’t do things like constantly flirt with other men or do anything that will lead him to believe that you are cheating on him. Some men are a lot more insecure than they appear to be.

It Tells Him that You Are Immature

Those high school days of making your boyfriend jealous are in the past. When men get into committed relationships with women, they expect her to behave as an adult. If you spend most of your time seeing how he’ll react to things that you do that are known to commonly make men jealous, he will start to think that you are too immature to handle a relationship. When a man begins to think that you are immature, he may consider ending the relationship with you. Even if he understands that what you were doing was just messing with him, he will feel like you aren’t serious and that he can’t trust you.

The last thing you want is for a man to think that you are immature. Usually when he starts thinking that you are immature, he will try to bring it up whenever the two of you have an argument about anything. Eventually it will become the topic that he focuses on all the time, and it will make it difficult to bring up anything he does that bothers you. This will only lead to more arguments, and possibly even a break up.

If you feel like he isn’t paying enough attention to you, making him jealous is the wrong way of going out it. Instead of making him jealous, make him realize what he’s missing. Don’t flirt with guys to get him angry. Find things that you enjoy doing without him, and make him miss spending time with you. When you show him that you have other things to occupy your time, he will start to realize that he misses you more than he thought he did.