The Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss

Fad diets claiming that you can drop ten pounds a week are all over the place right now. They might look tempting, but the question remains – are they healthy? The answer, sadly, is no. Rapid weight loss is never healthy, and should be avoided at all costs. There are several things that can go wrong when you try to lose weight too fast, and some of them can be permanent. Whether or not it seems like a good idea to drop pounds like it’s nothing, here’s why you should be avoiding it like the plague.

Why People Do It

Modern Society Forces Us To Be Skinny

Modern Society Forces Us To Be Skinny

Most people who try to lose weight this fast do it because it’s so popular right now. After all, you see it all over the place – celebrities are losing eighty pounds like it’s nothing, and nobody sees any of the repercussions of this. The way weight loss is portrayed by the media makes it seem easy, and like it takes no effort at all. What they don’t show you, though, is the way celebrities have to take diet pills, starve themselves, and have their own personal trainers and physicians to help the celebrities make their weight loss goals a reality. People don’t seem to realize that a lot more goes into a celebrity weight loss fad than what they show you, and they end up getting hurt because of it.

Mild Side Effects

Obviously, you could get off easy. Fatigue and light malnutrition are common side effects of rapid weight loss. These effects are caused by too much exercise and not enough eating, and could have easily been avoided if you had just followed a proper diet. By following these diets, you’ll lose weight, and fast, but you’ll become incredibly exhausted. People who follow fad diets report high amounts of fatigue, which can completely ruin your quality of life as well as your job performance. These problems can be fixed easily by switching back to a healthy diet. You might gain some weight back, but you’ll feel a lot better because of it.

Severe Side Effects

Fad Diets Can Have Severe Side Effects

Fad Diets Can Have Severe Side Effects

If you ignore the fatigue and other problems that will start hitting you when you do a fad diet, then you could end up in a lot of trouble. People have been hospitalized or have even died because they became so malnourished. Losing weight is always good, but you need to be ready to say “when”. Most people who develop eating disorders also do so because they start out on intense diets like this, and then they just can’t stop. Even once they lose the weight they wanted at first, it’s never enough and they end up hospitalized or in rehabilitation facilities. On top of being horrible for your body and mind, it can cost a ton of money to recover from an eating disorder, and some never fully recover. The media is the most common reason people develop eating disorders, because without celebrity utilities you simply cannot lose weight like a celebrity.


Take A Different Approach And Start  A Healthy Diet

Take A Different Approach And Start A Healthy Diet

Instead of doing an intense fad diet, you should make a real, healthy diet plan. Be aware from the start that you won’t drop twenty pounds a week. In fact, you should be happy if you lose even five pounds a week, but don’t try to lose any more than that. If you lose a huge amount of weight at one time, you’re going to be unhealthy. Most people on healthy diets lose only three to five pounds per week and, even though the weight loss might be slower, these people are more likely to keep the weight off. Look up diets that are known for being safe, and pick one you like the best. Then, make a list of what you’d like to accomplish, including your goal weight and foods you’d like to prepare on your diet. By following a sort of schedule that combines diet and exercise, you’ll start seeing results quickly, and you’ll build muscle instead of just getting skinnier. On top of that, you’ll learn healthy eating habits and will be even more energetic than ever before. People on healthy diets report feeling happier than they did when they were on fad diets, and like they could safely accomplish their weight loss goals. It might take you longer, but you’re going to keep the weight off as well as enjoy higher energy levels and delicious food. Don’t starve yourself to look good at your next reunion – plan in advance, and you can lose weight without having to make the big sacrifices that all the celebrities torture themselves with.