5 Gifts That Are Sure to Make Her Smile

Buying gifts for your sweetheart isn’t always that easy to do, especially if you’re not sure what she likes. Maybe you’re used to buying presents but they haven’t been going over well. Maybe you just want to ensure that she gets something special that will really make her happy. Whatever the case is, there are some types of gifts that are sure to make any girl smile, and we have a list of them for you. You won’t have to fall back on the typical chocolates or flowers any longer, not when you have these five gift ideas to go on:

1. Something You Made by Hand

Handmade Gifts For Your Sweetheart

Handmade Gifts For Your Sweetheart

You might not really be into this idea if you’re not particularly crafty, but it’s still worth giving it a shot. Making something by hand and giving it to your girlfriend can score you some major points with her, just because it shows her that you were really thinking of her. Of course if your creative levels are still on a kindergarten level, then you may want to skip this entirely and go for something store bought instead. There’s no need to embarrass yourself.

2. A Day at the Spa

This is a more generic gift, but it’s still a good idea. Giving your girlfriend a day at the spa might be just what she needs to relax and unwind, and it can really score you some major points with her. Don’t pass this up if you’re looking for a good gift to get her. It’s a little pricy, but buying her a massage and spa treatment can really be what she’s been waiting for. Just make sure to look into the nearby spas and resorts so that you find a good one to send her to – you don’t want to send her somewhere she would never go on her own.

3. Cute Personalized Coupons

Personalized Card Gifts Can Make A Great Gift” Later

Personalized Card Gifts Can Make A Great Gift

This one is a little quirky, but it can still be a great idea. Give her some coupons for her to “redeem” later – it can be for anything like a massage or a day at the spa or a foot rub. If there’s anything she’s always asking you to do but you don’t particularly enjoy, then you could make her a little coupon so she can redeem it from you later on. This runs a little on the cutesy side of things, but she’ll still appreciate it if you play your cards right.

4. A Basket Full of Her Favorites

A Basket Full Of Her Favorites

A Basket Full Of Her Favorites

If you can’t decide on just one present to give her, why not give her all of them? If you know all her favorite foods and movies and other little things, you might as well get them all put into a basket. Fill it with her favorite foods and candies and even alcoholic beverages, if she has any. This is a great way to combine all of her favorites and give her an amazing present. She’ll definitely appreciate the thought put into it, too – it shows her that you know her very well.

5. A Gift Certificate to Her Favorite Store

This one lacks some of the personalization that the other gifts have, but you still can’t really go wrong with this one. Giving her a gift card to her favorite store is a great way to let her choose her presents instead of buying her something she might not like. You might want to try and make this one a little more romantic by writing a note to go along with it, because otherwise it may seem slightly impersonal, and that’s not something you want to make her think.