Using Etsy to Find Gifts for Your Tech Lover

Sometimes it can be hard to find gifts for someone who already seems to have everything they need, especially a techie. What do you get for someone who already buys themselves expensive monitors, consoles, headphones, and controllers? The answer could come from a site that many of us are addicted to scrolling through anyway – Etsy. If you already spend hours browsing through and favoriting all the handcrafted goodies on the site, using Etsy to find the perfect gifts for your tech lover should be a cinch. Having an account and knowing the ropes is a bonus if you need to contact a seller about a custom request. Otherwise, in a pinch, it’s easy to sign up fast to make an order, even if you’re unfamiliar with the site. All manner of goods that are perfect for the Christmas are waiting for you to discover them!

Custom Cases

Finding Gifts For Your Tech Lover Is Easy In Etsy

Finding Gifts For Your Tech Lover Is Easy In Etsy

Cases for any phone or tablet can be found with a quick search. The trick is finding the right one! You can find everything from wood iPhone cases to custom engraved leather stand for tablets and smartphones. Pick a design that is both useful, and relates to your partner’s interests. Are they intrigued by steampunk styles? There’s a whole niche for that! Sleek and modern designs float their boat? At least one seller will have you covered.

Handmade Screen Protection

If they already have a case they’re attached to, consider a simple sleeve or sock instead. Knit or felted wool sleeves do an excellent job of preventing surface scratches during travel in a book bag, briefcase, or the seat of the car. Don’t let a favored tablet or phone get damaged in a way that could cost hundreds to repair when a simple cloth cover could have prevented it! Not only that, but these are blank canvas to geek out on if your significant other has a series or movie that they’re overly passionate about. Game of Thrones, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, and Star Trek merchandise abounds. If you can’t find what you want, find a seller who takes custom orders and inquire.

Carrying Bags and Clip-On Handles

If You Are Looking For A Custom Bag... Look No Further

If You Are Looking For A Custom Bag… Look No Further

If your tech lover likes to travel, consider getting them a nice, sturdy bag or case to keep their gear in on the go. Let them know that you care about protecting their treasured gadgets as much as they do – well, almost as much. If your partner is an avid photographer, think about getting a custom fabric or leather strap for their camera, for added safety. You can buy a premade one, or request a custom message or monogram.

Unique Skins

At the end of the day, if your wallet is just too pinched to be able to afford any of the more expensive gifts this time around, you can always fall back on custom skins and decals. There are, quite literally, thousands of options to choose from for all kinds of devices. From Macbooks to handheld games, there’s a decal out there for your techie.